Local Phone Numbers (DID)

What is a Local Phone Number (DID - direct inward dial)?

Most businesses have several incoming telephone numbers used for specific purposes. For example customer service, sales, etc. Some have an individual telephone number for each user in the system. In a home setting on the other hand, each telephone number comes in on a different pair of wires typically. Each telephone number is referred to as a DID.

Each VoIP Much account (home or business) comes with one DID. Addition DID's can be obtained for your account, these are referred to as a Virtual City Number of Virtual Fax Number.

DID's or Virtual City/Fax Numbers can be obtained from any of these locations:

* Area codes listed are for reference purposes only.
Actual numbers issued could be in any of the active area codes covering the requested city. ie: A number request for Mississauga could have an area code assignment of 1-289, 1-365, 1-742 (future) or 1-905.

Depending on the location, some DIDs may be on carrier request, Carrier requested DIDs could take 2-10 business days to assign.