VoIP Much Softphone

Softphones work similar to an ATA (analog terminal adapter) / VoIP adapter or IP phone, except that they are software (not hardware) based. Softphones can run many different systems, including Android, iOS, MAC, Web Browser and Windows. You can place and receive calls from a softphone, just like you can from a regular telephone (using an ATA).

Only one device can be connected to an account at any one time. To use more than one device with a single account, simply disconnect a device before registering a new device. If you wish to use more than one device on an account, at the same time, a Clone Device can be added for $1.45 /month (max two clones per account). When a Clone Device is registered (connected), both the main and clone devices can place calls (at the same time) and receive calls (both devices ring and are considered active, the device to answer gets the call).

A softphone is a program that runs on your computer / laptop / mobile device, allowing you to make and receive voice phone calls from anywhere there is Internet access.

Recommended Softphone Client:

Real Softphone

The freedom of taking your home or business phone service with you on the go.
The Real Softphone is easy to use and works great as an extension to your home or business phone service.

Available for: VoIP Much Real Softphone for Android   VoIP Much Real Softphone for iPhone / iPad / MAC   VoIP Much Real Softphone for Windows
Android • iOS (iPhone / iPad) • MAC (download / MAC Store) • Windows (download / Windows Store)

Download now at: www.realsoftphone.com - Real Softphone works exclusively with VoIP Much.