What is VoIP

Voice over IP, abbreviated to VoIP, is also commonly called Internet Telephony and IP Telephony. In a word, Voice over IP is a technology that allows you to make and receive local and international phone calls over the Internet. Most individuals and companies that have replaced their traditional phone lines with Voice over IP, or used the two in parallel, have cut their communication costs by as much as 90%. Cost-cutting is not the only benefit of Voice over IP - it also provides you with many additional features, which will enrich and empower your communication experience, among many other benefits.

VoIP services can be used with traditional telephones, via the use of an ATA (analoq terminal adapter). Services can also be accessed with SIP/VoIP phones and softphones applications. There are even mobile applications for use with your Android, iPhone and other mobile devices.

How does it work?

VoIP works similar to a regular telephone except that instead of the call going across the phone companies wiring, the call is routed over the Internet. Depending on who is making and receiving the call, the calls can be routed in different ways:
  • - Regular phone to Regular phone
  • - VoIP phone to VoIP phone
  • - Regular phone to VoIP phone
  • - VoIP phone to Regular phone

How do I use the service?

VoIP service is used just like a regular phone... pickup your phone, receive dial-tone, dial and the call is connected. An ATA would be connected to your router/switch (unless you are using a SIP/VoIP phone). A regular telephone is then connected to the ATA. You could also connect the ATA directly to an existing phone jack in your home or business, thus providing service to all jacks connected in your house.

How VoIP Works