Keep your Existing Phone Number | Line Number Portability

What is Line Number Portability?

Local number portability (LNP) for land (also refered to as fixed) lines, and full mobile number portability (FMNP) for mobile phone lines, refers to the ability to transfer either an existing land-line or mobile telephone number assigned by a local exchange carrier (LEC) and reassign it to another carrier.

In the United States and Canada, mobile number portability is referred to simply as WNP or WLNP (Wireless LNP). In the rest of the world it is referred to as mobile number portability, (MNP). Wireless Number Portability is available in some parts of Africa, Asia, Australia, Latin America and most European countries including Britain; however, this relates to transferability between mobile phone lines only. Canada, and the United States are the only countries in the world that offer full number portability transfers between both fixed lines and mobile phone lines.

Can I keep my existing phone number?

Most all numbers within Canada and the United States can be ported to the VoIP Much Phone Company. Use the below lookup feature to check if your existing number can be ported to VoIP Much.

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