SIP Trunks

For enterprises wanting to make full use of their own installed IP-PBXs and not only communicate over IP within the enterprise, but also outside the enterprise... VoIP Much SIP Trunking offers an easy and smooth transition to a modern and future-proofed technology.

SIP trunks provided by VoIP Much can offer significant cost-savings for enterprises, eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).

SIP Trunk Benefits
  • • Compatible for direct deployment with a majority of IP PBXs.
  • • Compatible with virtually any TDM PBX or legacy CPE phone system using an IAD or IP media gateway.
  • • Avoid paying a premiums for a full PRI - add SIP Trunking as you need it, based on your calling volume.
  • • Customize your service with add-on features such as Virtual City Numbers and Toll-Free numbers.
  • Free Canada calling Free Canada Calling[1] (excluding the Yukon, Territories and Nunavut)
  • Free USA calling Free USA Calling[1] (excluding Alaska)
  • • Multiple codecs supported: G.711 (ulaw/alaw), G.726-32, G.729, G.722, OPUS

Simple SIP Trunk pricing:
  • • $17.11 per channel (concurrent call)
  • • 100+ channels, call us for a quote

Our SIP Trunks are designed for higher-volume enterprises*.
Contact Us today for more information on VoIP Much SIP Trunks.

* Excluding short duration call centers / dialers.
[1] Free outbound calling over SIP Trunk is subject to normal and fair usage allowance of 5000 minutes /month per channel, and excludes certain call-types for which additional charges may apply. View our Service Agreement for more detail.